10 Best Instagram Live Statistics Tools Make Strategies in 2022

Regardless of who you are or what your niche is, there is a pre-set blueprint you follow for every Instagram strategy. Knowingly or unknowingly, first, you plan your content and set your goals then Instagram Live Statistics tools, implement it as beautifully as you can, then analyze its success. Finally, you use the analytical inputs to refine your strategy next time.

Now you have an idea of how important analysis is. Without this stage, you are doing nothing other than shooting arrows in the dark. The question here is how will you get that data for analysis? How will you know how successful your Instagram campaign was?

The answer is live Instagram statistics tools. Whatever your niche is, Instagram analytics can assist you with the analytical side of your Instagram strategy. What’s going on in your mind now? Want to learn about the most live Instagram statistics? You’re not here alone!

Here is the list of the 10 best Instagram Live Statistics tools in 2022.


sproutsocial - Instagram Live Statistics tools

SproutSocial, our first pick, allows you to analyze real-time Instagram data at both post and profile levels.

In addition to that, they won’t just throw some raw numbers at you. They will convert all these into fantabulous interactive graphs and stats. Also, this level of attention to detail will allow you to delve deeper, beyond the numbers.

Posting the right thing at the right time matters most on Instagram. For this, Sprout will help you identify the time spots on which your posts had the highest engagement.

These are just what’s inside the box. If you want some out-of-the-box live Instagram statistics, you have an option to upgrade to Sprout Premium Analytics.  In addition to that, it comes with an editorial calendar. The integrated calendar will help you schedule new content across multiple social media platforms.

Is your organization a big one with strict rules? SproutSocial is the best place to get live Instagram statistics Tools of your business. They have a sophisticated centralized media library with in-built editing capabilities that will help you manage everything from one platform.

Not only that, but using this tool, you can look into the performance of specific hashtags or geotagged areas.

Now, how will you digest such a formidable amount of data? Sounds manually impossible! Now, their presentation-ready reports come to play. You can compile all the data and get a sophisticated report of live Instagram statistics.


SocialFox - Instagram Live Statistics tools

With three pricing tiers with amazing features, SocialFox will provide you with powerful Instagram statistics necessary to drive your business forward.

Moreover, they offer you advanced Instagram scheduling and publishing options and will help you drive engagement by constant monitoring and real-time live Instagram statistics analysis.

Furthermore, they will let you dive deep into the background of your commenters and followers so that you can post the perfect content tailored to their aspirations, ultimately boosting engagement.

Data is power, and powerful data is omnipotent. And Social Fox will allow you to dive deeper into your Instagram data, beyond what you can think of. In addition to that, you can track almost twenty-five distinct individual metrics and customize every step of your Instagram strategy.

You can discover the most popular posts of yours and the time you get the most engagement. Moreover, you can also dive deeper into the numbers like getting insights for minute things like the image filters preferred by different age groups.

Also, you can get live Instagram statistics on your interactions to see which filters, posts, hashtags, and content are most popular with your audience. Learning, by comparison, is the key! With Social Fox, you can keep track of what your competitors are doing.

Finally, their graphs and plots will help you digest an ocean of live Instagram statistics, allowing you to create bars and pies that tell a story- the story of your Instagram engagement.

Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics - Instagram Live Statistics tools

Tired of scarce data on native analytics? Want to delve deeper into your live Instagram statistics? Hootsuite Analytics is for you. Here, you can be sure that you will get Instagram data that you can only dream of with native Instagram Insights. Firstly, you can not only see your present data, but you can also get your Instagram statistics of long ago.

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, and you can compare yourself with your past data. Moreover, you can get a historical perspective of your Instagram statistics by comparing data across different periods. In addition to that, you can get quality real-time and past data on user engagement, reach, and click-through data. Also, the tool will recommend the best time to post based on the user engagement data.

Furthermore, you can create easy-to-understand bars and pies that are only accessible to you. Hootsuite Analytics will help you convert the virtually endless array of raw numbers and impossible-to-understand functions into simple representations. Also, you can examine the performance of specific posts. That is, you will get sophisticated analytics on individual posts.

What do you do with respect to customer response? Hootsuite Analytics will keep an eye on the response time during customer service calls! Finally, they will sort your Instagram comments based on your emotional response. May it be positive or negative, you will get all data on what your audience thinks about your posts at your fingertips!



The power of AI is unmatchable. When you combine it with live Instagram statistics, you can do wonders!  Want to succeed on Instagram? The AI-powered interface of SocialBakers will lift your Instagram account and take it beyond the frontiers.

Are you managing a mammoth company with ten or more social media pages? SocialBakers is the right place for you. Walk into a bakery, and you will see a variety of delicacies beautifully arranged. So is the dashboard of SocialBakers where you get two things arranged- one, your different social media pages, and two, live Instagram statistics.

All data and no application will not help you in anything. The real purpose of data is in interpretation and application. But how to do that? No worries! every piece of data generated by Socialbakers will be backed by customized tips and recommendations for improvement. You no longer have to be at sixes and sevens with data you can’t even interpret and apply in real life!

Ask any Instagrammer, and they will tell you that knowing your audience is the first step towards a successful Instagram venture. To help you with it, SocialBakers will give you a thorough analysis of your audience and the content that resonates with them, their interests, and lifestyles.  Life is too short just to test and try what your audience likes. Use SocialBakers’ live Instagram statistics and plan your content to triumph!


Tucktools - Instagram Live Statistics tools

Designed specifically for tracking real-time Instagram data and numbers, you can use their easy-to-use service. The platform will help you track changes in follower counts and milestones.

Moreover, you can use their comparison tool to compare your performance with others. Also, you can see which influencers and accounts are trending. With this data in your back pocket, you can constantly improve your Instagram performance.


KeyHole - Instagram Live Statistics tools

Now that you have read about the above-mentioned tools, you might have found something in common. All these live Instagram statistics tools help you analyze your performance and generate daily reports. Well, without any doubt, you need those insights to keep track of your progress.

However, Keyhole is something different. Here, you will get fantastic real-time feedback. Not only about your posts and engagement levels, but you can also see emerging trends using hashtags, keywords, or accounts. Now, is it all about Keyhole? Well, no. Not only external analysis, but you will also get an accurate real-time internal analysis.

It will help you monitor your own internal trends. With Keyhole, you can figure out which action of yours produced the best results, greater engagement, and triggered an increase in your followers. It will help you integrate those best practices into your content planning, marketing, and overall Instagram strategy.

What more? Keyhole will help you perfect an Instagram feed that will keep an eye on the accounts of your competitors. Not only you can see how they perform, but you can also see what activities work for them and what fails.

Finally, all the platforms that we saw so far provide you with millions of numbers and figures on zillions of indicators. However, you might not always need them. Here, with Keyhole, you can highlight some key performance indicators and get exclusive performance reports based on those right into your dashboard! You have no time to waste.


Iconosquare - Instagram Live Statistics tools

Looking for a platform that can provide brands or agencies with live Instagram statistics? Iconosquare is what you have been looking for. Being a popular multi-account Instagram analytics tool, this platform will help you generate your Instagram progress report.

Moreover, you can search for competitive hashtags, how your hashtags are doing, and which all hashtags improve visibility and reach. Furthermore, it has some powerful features with accurate indicators for tracking growth and user engagement.

Also, Iconosquare offers a free Instagram audit for profiles. Before beginning your journey, this audit will help you confirms that your profile adheres to the best practices for guaranteed growth. The audit will look at your most recent thirty posts and other general settings.

Finally, they will provide you with necessary data on your competitors and internet trends. They will also show your social media presence and relative engagement position with respect to others in your niche.



SocialBlade is a live Instagram statistics tool that allows you to access a large social database in real-time. It will help you connect with influencers and expand your profile.

You can track influencers on social media. You can get details about their followers’ count, average likes, average comments, and average engagement rate. The ability to search for influencers using a specific term is an exciting feature of SocialBlade. With this tool, you can get a clear picture of which connections will assist you in achieving your goals.



If you have been searching for best practices to create engaging content to grow your Instagram profile, there’s no doubt that you might have come across collaborations and shoutouts. And for that, you must have been advised to burn the midnight oil and filter out the best profile or an influencer to collaborate with. TapInfluence will help you with that.

They have an up-to-date database of over 50,000 influencers to find the best fit for your collaborations, influencer campaigns, and shutout requests. If you are running a business, you can look out for influencers using specific tags or niches. Moreover, you will then see a quick overview of hundreds of influencers, including how much will it cost you. Furthermore, TapInfluence will save a significant amount of your time in filtering out the best influencer.

Finally, they offer real-time analyses based on industry data to assist you in determining how your influencer efforts helped you grow your profile and boost engagement. Being one of the best platforms that provide live Instagram statistics, you can compare your influencer results to that of your competitors.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a powerful Instagram marketing intelligence platform that will help you track your Instagram performance as well as industry trends. Along with the full suite of Union Metrics tools, you can use their free Instagram Account Checkup service.

This checkup will get you a detailed report with your top hashtag performance, a breakdown of your most devoted followers, and an average post-interaction rate.

Wrapping it Up

Remember, Instagram is not a do-it-and-leave-it business. If you want results, you need some live Instagram statistics to improve upon your content and marketing plan next time. It will be your progress card and will have the necessary inputs to invest in the growth and improvement of your Instagram account.

Moreover, you will always want to get the greatest possible bang for every buck you spend. Then, think no more and use the best live Instagram statistics tool to get the necessary data you require to forge a successful Instagram strategy.

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