10 Best Social Media Scraping Tools for Data Extraction

Are you aware of web scrapers? Web scrapers are used for social media data extraction. If you want to use any social media data for your personal purposes or business marketing strategies, you will have to do the same with social media scraping tools. Previously, during research people faced a lot of difficulty in arranging the data.

For accessing the relevant data online people used to spend a lot of money which used to be a difficult and frustrating job. Hence, many designers came up with good social media scraping tools using which you can easily generate the data from the platforms you prefer and can save your time and money.

When the tools are set at an auto mode, you can send more than one request simultaneously. Apart from these advantages, there are some difficulties that you can face while extracting the data from social media platforms. If any website gets to understand that you are scraping their contents, they will block your reach in an instant.

Your bot cannot cross the antibot which is set by the different websites to stop their data from getting scrapped for further research. Keeping these difficulties in mind, we have curated the most effective 10 best social media scraping tools for data extraction that will barely create any issue for you.

Here is a list of the 10 best Social Media Scraping Tools For Data Extraction.

Bright data

Bright data - Social Media Scraping Tools

Bright data is one of the highest-rated web scraping tools used by most researchers lately. They have these great sets of tools that can provide you with pre-made data. A collection end can get you all your needed data quickly. You can get the aid of additional infrastructure to support your virtual presence whenever required.

Their data collection strategies are highly appreciated because it is automatic and has wide flexibility. Before providing you with the data set, do all the necessary research so that you are not diverted from your service line. You can easily use their development resources to support your research work. They have a strong support corner wherein you can mail your queries and get answered within 24 hours.

You can also plan a demo of data scraping which will be provided free of cost hearing. You don’t need any specific code for data collection that can save your cost, time, and resources and generate more productivity.

They strongly believe that you must use web data to get an edge in the market. Stepwise they have explained the procedure of data scraping using their tools and features. Hence, you can experience high-graded data scraping performance very easily.


Apify - Social Media Scraping Tools

Another appreciated data scraping tool is Apify which automates all your activities on the web to make the functioning more efficient. About 15,000 companies worldwide have tried the services of Apify and have given quite positive reviews of the same.

Apify is always one step ahead of the others and is the largest hub of information that you require for your business. After extracting you can structure the data into any other format whether PDF, Excel, CSV, or others. You can also fill up several required forms easily using this application automatically.

Apify is well known for its web integration process where the flow of data is barely interrupted by any custom disturbances. If you are bored with your repetitive task, automatic the same with Apify. It is a great platform to generate potential leads in the market and create a good brand name.

Scraping Bee

Scraping Bee - Social Media Scraping Tools

Scraping Bee is one such great tool available online that shows you not getting blocked when you are scraping the data from social media. They are always ready with a good number of proxies that can help you with your data extraction. The Capterra feature is the most reviewed tool of this application as it can manage many activities simultaneously without any disturbance.

The reason why people prefer using Scraping Bee is that it is a highly engineered tool that does not consume much Ram of your system. They have kept JavaScript as their scraping parameter that can support every web page. This is the hub of the largest proxy rotation that will keep your bot confidential, keeping you unblocked most of the time.

Apart from the E-commerce model, they have also maintained strong documentation that will help in monitoring your scraping tasks. They also monitor search engine optimization continues to protect you from getting blocked. You can also use Chrome extent for enabling Scraping Bee for further success and extracting relevant data from the web.

Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster

When searching for a top social media scraping tool, how can one miss Phantom Buster? It is again a top-rated data extraction tool that has helped many businesses in generating a good number of leads and promoting their brands amongst the crowd. A 14 days trial so that you can decide the best for you. It is one such efficient data extraction tool that is 24/7 available for your tasks.

This automated tool can extract data from everywhere over the Internet. It has a large database and a strong network that you can use to support your marketing strategies. They also maintain a separate schedule tracker using which you can plan your sleeping activities well.

You can either get the raw data or the edited ones from the online marketers for your research very easily. Furthermore, if you want to link your work with any of the LinkedIn profiles, you can also do so.


ScraperApi - Social Media Scraping Tools

This is again a very good web scraper designed for your benefits and is a pool of good proxies. This automated system functions fast and provides you with guaranteed bandwidth.

They have an HTML focus that can support 90% of the web pages and can reach around 50 Geolocations. The bypass is in such a way that the anti-bot cannot detect your bot on their website and protects you from getting blocked.

You can create your scale of stripping the pages and thus you can easily scrap as many pages you want without any hesitation. It has an easy and accessible integration process That will easily beat the free-tier within your expected budget.

They have a strong support section that is available 24/7 for all your difficulties. If you want any high-profile data, it will charge you a little higher, otherwise, it is one such affordable scraping tool that gives you unlimited access to all the data over the web.


Parsehub -Social Media Scraping Tools

This is a free scraping tool available for all the data you want to extract from the web for your further use.  You are not restricted to any of the websites you want to access and can get data from multiple pages at the same time, dropsdown, forms are some of the efficient interaction processes of getting the data from different web pages.

You can convert your data in any form such as excel, Json after downloading the same. The support team is very helpful that will respond to all your questions in minutes. Every while this website is updated for providing you with more reliable and improved performance.

If you are trying to deal with a complex and slow website for data extraction, you can try using ParseHub as it is specifically designed to deal with the data of such websites.  Furthermore, this is again one such scraping tool where no specific coding is required and the machine will do everything for you.

Proxy Crawl Scale

Proxy Crawl Scale - Social Media Scraping Tools

This is one place for the solutions to all the scraping problems You have been facing for a long. If you are blocked for data extraction from different websites, you can try using this tool for such because it has a very low rate of blocked users. You will find a lot of proxies herein that protect you from getting blocked.

The crawler of this page varies from one developer to another and once the captcha of your scrape is ready, it will automatically scrape the data from your desired website. They not only have a pool of proxies but good rotating proxies that diverts your bot from getting tracked.

They have good cloud storage for all your crawlers and your downloads can be converted in any other form you want. More than 46,000 businesses have already benefited from this application that allows you to crawl millions of web pages in a very short time.



Octoparse is a platform for good data scraping activities that do not require any further coding knowledge. With a single click, you get to extract all your necessary data from your desired websites. They have some advanced features that will automate your scraping process. There are no such websites whose data cannot be dealt with this tool.

You can download the results in any format and can get them converted in your desired format. They have a 24/7 cloud space where all your activities get saved. This is another good platform that helps you schedule your scraping activities like scheduling Instagram and can track them well. They are well known for their IP rotation function which protects you from getting blocked from the high anti-bot websites.

They have very good professionals who can always help you with your data extraction and scraping process that will not only save your cost but will also save your investment will stop you from scraping more than 10 data at the same time from 10 different websites. This is a multi-functional social media scraping tool that has been downloaded by billions of people for accessing sensitive data.



You can also use the Zyte tool for scraping the data from your desired website. Herein, all your valuable data are kept raw and no further processing is done on the same so that you can customize the data as per your requirement.

If you are looking for an absolute proxy solution, you can try using this browser as it has a combination of multiple algorithms which protect you from getting blocked from authentic websites.

They provide you with a 14-day free service after which you will have to get a paid plan for accessing its benefits. They have a team of more than 100 experienced experts who can support your activities in case of need. This is a good headless browser that can manage your social media crawlers easily and instantly.

Web scraper

Web scraper - Social Media Scraping Tools

One most used social media scraping tool of 2021 is the web scraper appreciated by more than 4 lakhs users. It is not an issue if you are not a technical person and are aware of coding combinations. They aim to make the process simpler. At the same time, it can scrape data from multiple websites irrespective of categories, product pages, or deviations.

It has a JavaScript algorithm that supports the interface of most of the websites and controls your crawlers very easily. You can create your selectors from this platform and can download the results in the form of CSV, Excel, Etc. Jason and get them converted in any other form you want.


Extracting large data from different social media platforms can become difficult if you are using the manual procedure. You can use well-known web scrapers for the same that will support your desired website.

After some good research, we decided to come up with a list of the best 10 social media scraping tools for data extraction that you can use in 2022 to make your work easier. When you place the web scrapers on your web pages to extract the data, automation tools for social media are enabled that freezes the data of the web pages and extracts your desired data.

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