13 Ice Globes and Rollers to De-Puff Your Face

If there’s one thing I can count on, it’s that every Monday morning, I will, unfortunately, wake up puffy. I’ll also wake up puffy if I eat too much salt, if I have a drink or two, or if I don’t get enough sleep. So basically, I can expect to wake up with a puffy face most days of the week.  

While skincare products are able to do many things, most of them won’t solve puffiness. After trying many caffeine-infused products to no avail, I was ready to give up. Last year, however, I discovered a simple solution: ice. While you could just use plain old ice cubes if you want to, I recommend reaching for an ice roller or ice globe, which stays cold and help evenly distribute the chill across your face. Before I dive into some of my favorites, I talked to celebrity esthetician Candace Marino for the lowdown on all things ice globes and rollers.

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