20 Best Brunette Hair Colors

Call me biased, but I think brunettes have it pretty good when it comes to hair color options. If you have naturally brunette hair, you can choose to enhance your natural color, weave in lighter, light-catching pieces, or go darker for deep dimension. Basically, the world is your oyster when it comes to dabbling in different hair colors

Right now, brunette hair trends are better than ever. According to Rachel Bodt, Matrix Brand Ambassador and colorist for a slew of celebrities (including none other than Beyoncé herself) a major trend is to go a bit darker than your base color for more depth. If you’d rather go lighter, Bodt recommends adding honey amber pieces throughout to add warmth and dimension to your brunette. “I love doing golden tones or sandy bronze tones on clients,” she says. “I also love making someone even darker and changing the tone, like a dark rich brunette or something darker and cooler.”

When asking for a new color, try to make sure everything stays as natural as possible. “A color technique that’s great on brunettes is hair painting because there is no line of demarcation, and it looks better and better when it grows out,” says Bodt.

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