20 Best MAC Lipsticks to Add to Your List

Chances are if you’ve been wearing makeup for a while, you might have owned (or currently own) a MAC lipstick or two (or more). Wearing one is kind of like a rite of passage, they’re that iconic. They come in so many shades—from nudes and pinks to vibrant reds and neon hues—and different finishes, too, like matte, satin, and high shine, Seriously, there’s a MAC lipstick for everyone, guaranteed.

We all have our own favorites, too—whether you’ve been a Ruby Woo stan for years or swear by Velvet Teddy. A lot of people seem to have very strong opinions about their tried-and-true lipsticks. So, in the spirit of that, I asked my colleagues for their MAC lipstick recs. See what they had to say below, plus to make it easier for you to discover and shop, I’ve broken it down by the best lipsticks for each skin tone (although feel free to wear any of these, really).

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