21 Best Places to Buy Facebook Comments, Replies, and Likes

Whether you are a beginner on Facebook or have been on the platform for a while but are unable to get the desired engagements, Facebook promotions can help you get some amazing results in both cases. But, finding a legit company out of so many fraud companies out there to outsource this type of promotion service can be a job in itself. So to help you make the right choice, in this article, we’ll be discussing the best places from where you can buy Facebook comments and other engagements. Read on.

Whenever someone says “Social Media”, we instantly think of Facebook out of so many social media platforms out there. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and is also the parent company of major platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Founded in 2004, Facebook is also one of the oldest platforms in the social media industry.

In recent years, the social media giant has developed, broadened its services, and has become one of the leading marketing platforms in the world. The company has seen massive growth in its user base and as a result, today, anyone who uses the internet is on Facebook.

But its huge popularity, usefulness, and user base have resulted in cut-throat competition and made it one of the toughest social media platforms to build a presence and gain fame. It’s tough but at least it isn’t impossible to take your Facebook to a whole new level within a short time.

The approach is to buy Facebook comments, replies, likes, and other engagements from trusted and reliable service providers out there in the market.

Here’s a list of the 21 Best Places to Buy Facebook Comments, Replies, and Likes:


BuzzVoice: Buy Facebook Comments, Replies, and Likes

Just as the name suggests, with BuzzVoice you can get your social media accounts buzzing within minutes especially, Facebook. Be it comments, post likes, shares, views, page reviews, followers, page fans, or any other engagements, you can rely on BuzzVoice to buy all kinds of Facebook engagements.

It is the ultimate destination for buying top-notch Facebook growth services. There is hardly any company out there better than BuzzVoice if your priority is to buy Facebook comments. Unlike other sites, you get the option to choose between ‘Random’ and ‘Custom’ Facebook comments.

You can buy 10 Facebook ‘Random’ comments at just $5.47 and get them delivered within 24 hours. You can buy 5 Facebook ‘Custom’ comments at $3.97, in which you get the option to add comments while placing an order that you want to see on your posts.


Getviral.io: Buy Facebook Comments

If you are looking to buy Facebook likes and followers quickly, safely, and easily with just a few clicks, then your search ends here with GetViral.io. Unlike other companies out there, GetViral.io has been providing genuine social media services for more than 7 years and has completed over 150K+ orders throughout these years.

Its expertise, legit services, exclusive support, and reputation built over the years are the reasons for it being able to make it to the top of our list. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or any other platform, you can rely on GetViral.io as it is the one-stop shop for all social media growth services.

You can choose from a wide variety of plans to buy top-quality social media growth services that comes from real users and real accounts without any involvement of bots, fakes, spam, etc. The company makes sure that their clients are 100% satisfied and hence, offers them a money-back guarantee and 24/7 live chat and email support with every purchase.


Viralyft: Buy Facebook Replies

As the name suggests, you can go viral with the help of Viralyft’s Facebook promotion services. Viralyft is one of the best social media service providers out there in the market on which you can rely to buy promotion services solutions for Facebook as well as for other major platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

The best part about the company is that it offers a wide range of plans at very competitive prices. So, no matter your budget and needs, you’ll find the right solution for it. At Viralyft, all the services provided are real, safe, and secure. Hence, you need not worry about putting your account at risk. In addition, the company offers benefits such as fast delivery, SSL encrypted payment gateway, and 24/7 customer support.


 Woorke: Buy Facebook Comments

You must have heard of this platform and, if not, it’s high time you should. Woorke is one of the biggest social media service providers in the market with over 143+ services, 250K+ completed orders and has served over 14500+ clients while maintaining a 99.99 percent satisfaction rate.

Among all the engagements such as likes, shares, etc., if your primary focus is to buy Facebook comments for your posts, then there’s no better place than Woorke. At Woorke, you get to choose from three categories to buy comments – ‘Best Fitting’ including high-quality comments, ‘Generic’ including general comments, and ‘Custom’ where you get to choose the comments.

Apart from Facebook comments, you also get a variety of packages for followers, likes, reactions, reviews, shares, etc. All the packages come at cheap prices along with several features and benefits such as guaranteed permanent services, a money-back guarantee, no login or password requirement, and 24×7 customer support.


SocialWick: Buy Facebook Comments, Replies

Unlike most sites on the internet, SocialWick not just claims of providing high-quality engagements rather, the company genuinely delivers engagements from only real accounts, which are gonna stay active on the profile forever. This is the reason that SocialWick is one of the biggest social media service providers in the market with over 794K satisfied customers worldwide and 8M completed orders.

The company is known for its premium quality services, affordable prices, fast delivery, and excellent customer support. There are a variety of packages to choose from for all major social media platforms especially, Facebook. The bigger package you choose, the more discount you’ll get.


Socialpros.io: Buy Facebook Comments

The next site on the list is SocialPros.io, one of our personal favorites in the list. At SocialPros.io, you get to promote your social media account with the help of experts who have been in the industry for years and worked with thousands of influencers, musicians,  and brands across the globe.

The best part about SocialPros.io is that they have a very user-friendly interface and offer hassle-free placing of orders. Unlike other fake companies out there, you need not create any separate account, log in, enter any password, or participate in any kind of hassle to buy services from them.

To place an order, you just need to choose a package, provide your username/URL, and make payment. With every order, you receive fast delivery, 24/7 live customer support, quality & satisfaction guarantee, and SSL encrypted payment gateway.


Famups: buy facebook comments

If you are tired of spending your precious time, efforts, and money on buying Facebook promotions and still not satisfied with the results, then you should try Famups. At Famups, you’ll only get to buy only real social media engagements such as likes, comments, views, followers, etc.

That will boost your social media organically. Not only this, all these services are available at super affordable prices. The company has years of experience and therefore, you need not worry about their services. Social media users choose Famups over other sites for their promotional needs due to the benefits it offers to customers in addition to its quality services.

On-time delivery, satisfaction guarantee, reliable results, low cost, safety & privacy, and 24/7 support are the reasons why it is preferred by thousands of people worldwide. If you still got any doubts, for further reassurance, we would suggest you read the happy & satisfied customer reviews posted on the website.


Fastlikes.io: buy facebook comments

If you are worried about how to get page likes and build up your following on Facebook, then worry not, Fastlikes.io is there for your rescue. Fastlikes.io claims its services to be free from any kind of bots, fakes, or spam methods and guarantees only real people working day & night to deliver the best services.

This makes it one of the best places to get real engagements for your Facebook and other social media accounts within the shortest time. You can make your account stand out and maintain your reputation both at the same time using its real Facebook growth services.


SocialBoss: buy facebook comments

SocialBoss understands what it feels like to have lots of posts on your Facebook page but no engagements on them and hence, they provide quality Facebook promotion services to help clients increase engagement and boost their popularity.

Be it Facebook comments, group members, likes, shares, followers, or anything else, at SocialBoss, you can find the best solution for all your Facebook needs. All the solutions provided are fast, easy, easy, and affordable, which acts as a cherry on the cake.

At SocialBoss, your order gets handled by experts who have been in the industry for years. They keep improving their services and deliver the best solutions to their clients. Not only this, the company guarantees the privacy of all personal data and other account information of their clients.

The company uses Smart Delivery Technologies to ensure safe, secure, and risk-free delivery of services. Also, every package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support.


GetRealBoost: buy facebook comments

If you are looking to buy legit Facebook likes, followers, friends, comments, shares, and other engagements, your search is over with GetRealBoost. The best part about this company is that they have a team of experts dedicated to helping their clients stimulate social growth across all popular networking platforms.

So, you can anytime connect with them and share your social profile to get the best solutions for your needs. The company takes pride in providing 100% genuine services to over 1200+ clients. The reviews and comments posted on their site from these happy & satisfied customers are pretty much indicators of the quality services provided.


Instafollowers: buy facebook comments

InstaFollowers is truly one of the best places to buy Facebook comments, replies, and likes and we are not saying this just for the sake of it. This is one of the most trusted sites on the internet that provides growth services for social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and other professional SEO services.

InstaFollowers has one of the best customer support teams and hence, you can reach out o them for 24/7 support via live chat, email, call, or visual representation. Unlike other sites, InstaFollowers keeps improving its services and tools to help clients reach their full potential and make the best out of their social media accounts.

Apart from all these, the services provided by the company come with many advantages such as easy order placement, no password requirement, SSL encrypted payment gateway, order tracking, and more.


Redsocial: buy facebook comments

RedSocial is the best place for getting real likes, comments, shares, and other engagements for Facebook and other social media platforms. The reason it is trusted by thousands of brands, agencies, and influencers worldwide is that it guarantees all services to be really free from any spam, bots, or fake.

The services provided are not only available at the best prices but also delivered within hours. You’ll get pure organic growth powered with the help of RedSocial’s team of social media experts. The company also offers users a simple & user-friendly interface.



As the name suggests, SocialViral, is the perfect place to build up your following on Facebook and go viral. It is one of the most legit sites out there that provide comments, followers, likes, views, or engagements for major social media, which include Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Tiktok, and Instagram. All of the packages provided by the company are carefully made cheap & inexpensive to ensure that everyone gets a perfect solution no matter the budget and needs.

Other benefits include guaranteed fast delivery, quality assurance, no password requirement, secure checkout, and 24/7 Live Support. All these are the reasons why thousands of famous influencers and celebrities rely on SocialViral for their social media growth needs.



The next site on our list is LikesGeek. This site has made up to this list not just because of its quality services but also because of the amazing features offered, such as privacy, safety, secure payments, 24/7 support, and many more.

All the services are delivered in minutes, which saves your precious time from being wasted and also helps to get the job done effortlessly. The best part about LikesGeek is that you get to buy real and active engagements at cheap prices along with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The only drawback that the company suffers from is that it only accepts payments from PayPal. Otherwise, it is very easy to place an order. You just need to enter your Facebook post, select a package, add your order to the cart and finally, make the payment.



From the name only you could easily guess what the platform is about. FollowerPackages is one of the market leaders providing a wide range of packages for all major social media platforms especially, Facebook. You can buy packages available for Facebook page likes and followers to give your Facebook the kickstart it needs and help it reach the top.



Let your presence felt and your numbers soar on Facebook as well as other social media platforms with UseViral. As a dedicated website, Useviral is a perfect choice to boost your Facebook growth and get viral in no time. You can boost your organic growth and can let your brand stay ahead of your competitors by purchasing Facebook promotion packages from UseViral.

Real & active engagements, guaranteed instant delivery, and 30-day refills make UseViral’s promotion packages even better. 250 active Facebook followers for just $15.98 and 250 active Facebook likes for just $16 is a great way to start.



Despite all the hard work, if you are unable to grow your presence or get the desired exposure on your social media, ViewsExpert is the company that can provide you with the best solution for both these problems.

Don’t just take our word for it, you can take a look at the customer reviews section on their website to see what people actually have to say about their services. The company has a strong customer support team and they are available 24/7 to help their clients with any queries or problems.

You can easily get in touch with them via call, mail, or by directly sending them a message through their website. Apart from amazing support you also get fast delivery of 1-2 days, a refill guarantee, and other benefits.



If you want to take your Facebook marketing to the next level, then SocialAppsHQ will be a great option for you. SocialAppsHq is an all-in-one marketing platform that has solutions and tools for SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, or any other marketing needs.

Unlike other sites out there, SocialAppsHQ claims to deliver only real Facebook comments, which will ensure an increase in your reach, engagement, and boost overall growth. With every package, you get additional benefits such as no password requirement, privacy, drop protection, quality assurance, and secured payment. One thing that we found missing in SocialAppsHQ’s services is strong customer support.



Be it 100% safety assurance, affordable pricing, money-back guarantee, and strong support, YTViews ticks all the boxes for being a reliable and legit Facebook promotions service provider.

At, YTViews, you can buy Facebook comments for your post, videos, or any type of content. Also, you can choose between FB random and custom comments while placing an order. Apart from Facebook, YTViews is also a complete social media marketing and branding solution from which you can buy quality services for YouTube, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, and many more platforms.



The last entry on our list is SocLikes.  It is one of the best places out there that offers a plethora of options when it comes to providing Facebook promotion services. Be it Facebook comments, replies, likes, followers, shares, views, group joins, etc., SocLikes is the ultimate platform for all your Facebook needs.

We would strongly recommend you visit their site because the range of services and variety of packages available are just beyond imagination. To add the cherry on the cake, the packages provided come with 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee.

Buy Facebook Comments

Yes, you read it right, the Facebook promotion solution you were looking for is the name of this company. This company is an exclusive one on our list to buy Facebook comments.

You get to choose and select a package from a wide range of options available, the one that suits your budget and needs. The features it offers for Facebook comments are extraordinary. Not only you can add your post URL, but you can also provide words or one-liners that you want to see as comments on your post while placing an order.

The Facebook comments provided by the company are all real and delivered using all safe methods. In addition, every order comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and the delivery starts within 6-12 hours.


All the entries in the above list include only top-rated, reliable, and legit companies. You can rely on them as we’ve carefully researched, analyzed, and tested them before actually putting them on the list.

We hope that this article helped you in your decision to find the best company to buy Facebook comments, likes, followers, etc. There are many scams companies are out there, so be aware and make sure to distance yourself from those. Before we end, make sure you bookmark this post for future reference and stick to the companies mentioned in the above list to stay in good hands.

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