21 Products for a Minimal Skincare Routine

Lately, I’ve been all about keeping things minimalistic in every place in my life, from my home to my beauty routine. Now, keeping my skincare routine simple used to be a real challenge for me because it is my job to learn about and try new products for a living. But my skin, unfortunately, bore the brunt of all of the new products I was trying at the same time. Fortunately, as I’ve learned more about my skin and the science of skincare, I’ve given up using one too many products before I’ve even finished the one I just opened.

For my combination, sensitive skin less is always best or more, as the saying typically goes. My skin enjoys gentle hydrating formulas as well as actives like vitamin C and retinol, along with a bi-weekly chemical exfoliation treatment. Below, I will share the current products I paired my routine down to for now. However, I do want to note that I don’t use all of these at the same time—I just keep them in my beauty closet at all times. But, when I feel like I want to switch a product up after I’ve finished one, instead of reaching for something I’ve never tried before, I reach for my version of a tried and true.

Now, let’s get to it!

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