22 of the Best Beauty Products Celebrities Love to Use

If you had told me, as a middle schooler, that I would one day be living in L.A., writing about beauty (my forever favorite topic since I discovered lipstick at the age of 5), and interviewing celebrities for a living, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Or I would have screamed out of pure excitement. That said, here I am! I feel pretty dang lucky to have ended up working my dream job here at Who What Wear, and yes, one (of the many) parts of my career I absolutely love is chatting with very cool celebrities on a weekly basis. 

Most of the time, said conversations are dedicated to our ongoing interview series called Unfiltered, where members of the A-list share their routines, tips, and must-have beauty staples with us. Obviously, I recommend following along each month and reading all of our past profiles here, but just ahead, I’m bringing you a bite-size portion of their intel all in one place. So out of the hundreds of products personally recommended to me by celebrities, how many have I actually started using as a direct result? To be exact, 22, and I’m sharing each and every one below, along with a direct quote from the celeb who loves it. Keep scrolling, grab your credit card, and enjoy!

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