29 Pieces You Would Find in Zoë Kravitz’s Closet

I remember the one time that I caught a glimpse of Zoë Kravitz. This is one of the quieter moments in her career when you might happen to catch her on a stroll through West Village, and that I did. Without knowing who she was at first, I couldn’t get over how effortlessly cool she was. And her braids looked exactly like a photo I’ve shown a hairstylist before. Turns out, they most certainly were the braids in that photo.

Kravitz happens to have a way about her that is hard to describe, but to put it into simpler terms, she just gets it. Everything she’s been wearing lately is minimalist, cool, and wearable. She’s been giving me so much outfit inspiration, and all I want to do is copy every look she wears. And the best part is that I actually can. While she tends to flounce around in designer pieces, there are many affordable ways to get the same look, and that’s something I plan to do. Join me in trying to emulate the Zoë Kravitz look by shopping the items that one might assume would be in the shopping cart of an It girl like her.

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