5 Fashion-Editor Approved “Cool-Girl Aesthetic” Items

Let’s face it. Many of us just want to look cool. But not cool in the way that looks like we woke up and did everything in our power to look cool but cool in the way that we just casually rolled out of bed exuding utter coolness. Now, I can’t say that I have quite mastered the art of exuding utter coolness, but I have used my eye for trends and all of my fashion resources, from TikTok to Vogue Runway, to figure out some items that can help me get that desired cool-girl aesthetic. I’m seeing tons of early adopters integrate five items into their wardrobes to up the coolness factor of their looks, and many of them are on the affordable side. Sporty speed sunnies, over-your-head headphones, lots of gold jewelry, knee-high boots, and tube tops (a Y2K staple). These items are so simple and easy to wear, and you may already have them in your closet.

Keep scrolling to see which cool-girl items are filling my cart and how I’m styling them.

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