7 Chic Nail Colors That Go With Everything

I’ve always been obsessed with nail polish, and ever since my parents started letting me wear it (my dad, the more artistic one, would paint my nails while I sat stone-still in his lap at the age of three), I’ve felt naked without it. 

Even though I like to keep my makeup MO pretty tame and neutral, I’ve never been afraid to give my nails the limelight. No color—from neon green to hot pink—has ever been off-limits. As I’ve gotten older, however, my palette has become a little more discerning, and more often than not, I choose nail polish colors that are versatile and will go with pretty much everything I wear. Curious to see which hues I reach for the most? Below are seven strategic nail colors that never clash and that I’ve found to go with pretty much everything. Keep scrolling!

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