8 Ways to Wear a Vest This Winter

8 Ways to Wear a Vest This Winter

It may take a minute to actually dig it out of the depths of your closet, but it’s finally time for the humble vest to shine. On the laundry list of classic seasonal pieces, it’s definitely among the most underrated. And, I get it— in the dead of winter, its sleeveless nature does require more of an effort to style. There’s no ease of simply throwing it over whatever you’re wearing like a coat or jacket. Especially if you’re trying to make it a principal part of your cold-weather arsenal, you’ll need to exercise a few layering tricks. That said, it deserves more than collecting dust behind your wool coats and puffer jackets. 

To show you the many sartorial possibilities of owning a vest, I made use of my current vest obsession and found all of the creative ways stylish people are wearing them now. If you already own the staple piece (or will soon), but you’re not quite sure what to style it with, consider this your how-to guide.


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