9 Closet Clean-Out Mistakes to Avoid

I don’t consider myself a particularly impulsive person, except when it comes to cleaning out my closet. When I run out of hangers or can’t cram another thing in drawers, I start throwing things in the donate pile with abandon. Most of the time, the items that I choose to toss are justified, but getting rid of a good basic or a trend that still has legs is something I’m admittedly guilty of.

The question you’re probably thinking is: Well, how is one to know what we’ll regret getting rid of in the moment? It’s a valid question indeed, as it’s so easy to just look at an item and think Well, I’m tired of this, so away it goes. The way to avoid this is by asking yourself a few simple questions: Does it still fit me? Is it in good condition? If the trend came back around, would I still want to wear it? Is it a basic? And last but not least: Did I stop wearing it because I just forgot about it? If the answer to any of these questions makes you think twice, perhaps you should keep it a while longer to avoid any closet clean-out regrets.

Keep scrolling to find out which items I mistakenly purged (along with which similar pieces I’d replace them with) and how I’m wearing the trends now.

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