Heated rollers are back according to this hairstylist to the stars

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    Like most beauty trends at the moment, it started on Tik Tok. Heated roller tutorials are going viral on the social media platform, which of course means that search for them has gone wild.

    So apparently heated rollers – the more traditional way of curling your hair – is back.

    Whilst most of us add volume and kinks to our hair with the best curling wands and tongs, could 2022 be the year of the roller?

    Babyliss Ambassador and celebrity and session hairstylist, Syd Hayes, has already seen a pick-up in interest. ‘Whether on the red carpet or in the salon, I have seen a rise in requests for glam, full-bodied hair recently,’ he says. ‘Think big, bouncy, Studio 54 vibes. Heated Rollers are the quickest and best way to create volume, bounce and a large curl to the hair and always a session stylist’s secret trick for adding instant volume. I have always been a fan of them for years!’

    How to use heated rollers

    These are Syd’s tips on how to use heated rollers to add shape, volume, and curl to the hair.

    1. Make sure the hair is washed and dried with a volumising product. (We like Moroccanoil Volumizing Mist, £22.65 | Lookfantastic)
    2. Starting on the top sections will ensure these are left in the longest amount of time you have. Giving more height on the top
    3. Always make sure the end is wrapped in neatly as this will create a nice curl right to the end
    4. Make sure the hot roller sits tightly on its own base (so the roller is super neat and clean)
    5. Use a light hairspray on each section before you wrap from the end right the way down to the base (we like Aveda Air Control Hairspray, £23 | Feelunique)
    6. The smaller the roller the tighter the bounce/curl so think carefully about the look you’re looking to achieve
    7. You can use a clip or pin to secure the roller, the tighter the better until it cools
    8. The longer you leave the roller in the longer the shape/bounce will last
    9. Let the rollers cool down to set the shape/curl before taking them out

    So there we have it, you heard it here first. It’s time to dig out your mum’s old heated rollers of choose from our edit of the best heated rollers.

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