how to get up to 91% off Nike, Adidas & more

If, like me, you’re constantly on the hunt for reasonably priced gym leggings, bras, and trainers – but also want to make sure that you’re investing in brands that’ll actually last the long run – then you’ll love this nifty trick.

I’m a fitness editor who runs marathons for fun and so know what constitutes good fit kit because I’ve been there, tried that. No one likes a top that rolls up mid-run and no one – I repeat, no one – likes see-through workout leggings promising to be “squat proof”.

So, news flash: I’ve have found a hack where you can get up to a whopping 91% off some of the best fit kit out there from top fitness brands including Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and more.

That’s right – while the cost of living is rising both in the UK and globally, we’re scouting all the simplest ways to save pennies every day. In doing so, I’ve found a brand that offers huge savings across fit kit, fashion wear, home items, and more.

That’s right – you’ll all have heard of T K Maxx website, but likely didn’t know that not only can you get your favourite fashion designers, but you can also get huge discounts on our go-to activewear brands, too.

We’ve bought you extensive guides to the best gym leggings, best sports bras, best exercise headphones, and best running trainers, but I’ll be the first to admit that some of the items are a high price point and simply not affordable for many.

That being said, investing in properly designed workout kit is absolutely essential for protecting your body. You wouldn’t sunbathe without suncream and, in the same sense, if you workout without adequate breast support or footwear, you’re not doing your body the best favour.

Keep scrolling for my top picks, as a health editor, that are worth your £££ come payday. It’s as simple as scrolling the website, finding the activewear you like, *adding to basket*, and scouring the website in coming months for even better deals and discounts.

Happy sweating – and saving…

9 workout clothes deals you’ll want to *add t0 basket* now

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