our 12 top picks to keep you shine-free all day

our 12 top picks to keep you shine-free all day

Is that midday shine your beauty nemesis? Feel like you constantly battle with breakouts? If you haven’t got the best foundation for oily skin in your arsenal already, then listen up.

Using the best foundation for your skin type is a complete game changer, but it’s crucial to know what to look out for.

Oily skin: how to get the best from your foundation

Dr Ross Perry, cosmetic doctor and managing director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics, has words of caution when it comes to pairing oily and or acne-prone skin with make-up. He says it’s all in the prep: ‘Before thinking about make-up, review your skin regime. Getting the best cleanser and best moisturiser for oily skin is key, so experiment to see what suits your skin,’ he says.

‘Don’t be tempted to ditch the moisturiser as your skin still needs hydration, but choose a formulation which suits oily skin,’ he continues. ‘Exfoliate regularly to remove excess sebum as well as dead skin cells.’ The best way to do this is with a chemical exfoliator (have a look at the best toner) or a physical gentle face scrub.

It’s also worth looking at complimentary products – the best primers to control oil and keep your make-up where you want it, setting powders to control shine, and make-up setting sprays – as these will only help to keep your make-up looking perfect for longer.

Next, evaluate what exactly you want from your foundation. While a full-coverage formula won’t act as a replacement for a brilliant hyperpigmentation treatment, it will mask hyperpigmentation from previous breakouts, while something designed to mattify will keep your skin shine-free all day.

Oilier skin types often get along well with powder-based foundations, like bareMinerals Original Foundation. While a liquid will glide on seamlessly and can strategically lock in oil.

Keep scrolling for our edit of the best foundation for oily skin.

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