Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe With These 27 Pieces

I’ve reached a point in the summer where the closet is stacked with what seems like everything I need. Yet, there are still occasional moments when I am dreaming of the new pieces that I’d love to make their way into my wardrobe. My daily Instagram scrolls and walks through New York City always bring up a source of new inspiration. I’m quick to spot the trends that I want to try next, and the 5 pieces I just added to my wardrobe touch on all of them. 

I distinctly remember seeing someone in the West Village wearing a tailored vest the other day which made me feel like I had to have one immediately. I also can recall the perfect princess-like cotton poplin dress moment that I just had to emulate. When the latest Who What Wear Collection drop included all of the above, I just had to have as many of those new styles as I could get my hands on to recreate the inspirational moments that were haunting my brain. These 5 pieces were truly game-changers and you have to see how I styled them this week. 

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