See and Shop 7 Classic Summer Outfits

Summer definitely feels like the most opportune season to explore fun new trends and wear more colorful pieces than usual, but sometimes, I just feel like being me. Who am I exactly? Someone who likes to dress (and invest) in classic looks comprised of no-fuss, simple essentials. Sure, I love a statement item every now and then, and I’m always willing to bend for a truly amazing trend or piece. But for the most part, I like to keep it “chill,” and that’s where the looks below come in.

Today, I’m sharing seven easy and simple summer outfits that will always look polished and never disappoint. From a dress moment to a denim look to the skirt styles I’m loving, these ‘fits are likely already hanging in your closet, so all you have to do is put them on. Of course, if you’re looking to do a little wardrobe enhancing while you’re at it, I’ve shopped each one out for you, as always. To get started, simply keep scrolling.

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