Six Father’s Day gifts your dad will actually use

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, and as a dad to four kids, I figured why not help you get your dad a gift he will actually use. That may sound harsh, but I’ve been through nearly 29 years of Father’s Day gifts that I no longer own and mostly went unused. I appreciated every one of them; but how many ties, hand-drawn cards (still got them), and gift cards to restaurants with menus filled with things someone trying to live past 90 should never eat can one man receive? 

This year, I wanted to give back to all the other fathers who toe the line and often never get the credit or gifts they deserve. There are no Zales commercials for us, nope, we get Fudgy The Whale, and nobody is out there making a commercial where the family chips in and buys dad his dream car. 

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