The 13 Best Celebrity Chanel Outfits of Recent History

Nothing makes a person stop in their tracks quite like a Chanel outfit does. There’s nothing basic about them. A Chanel outfit is instantly recognizable, and unlike some designer brands at its level, its looks are wearable right off the runway. It explains why it has such a celebrity following. Many of the Chanel brand ambassadors and celebrity friends of the brand have been so for years. Chanel never loses its magic. 

I thought it would be fun to reminisce a bit so I sifted through dozens and dozens of Chanel outfits from the past decade and found the most iconic ones. Sure, it’s subjective and nearly impossible to narrow it down, but when you see these looks, I don’t think you’ll disagree.

Scroll on to see the 13 best Chanel outfits of the past decade and shop pieces that give the Chanel aesthetic (since you can’t buy real Chanel online).

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