The 17 Best Button-Down Shirts for Women With Rave Reviews

I think we’ve all experienced many emotions when it comes to buying button-down shirts. Whether it’s the fabric, the fit, or the color, finding a dream button-down is no easy feat. Prior to trying on these shirts from Nordstrom, the ones in my closet were either too flimsy, not breathable, or wrinkled too easily, so I just kept amassing more disappointing button-downs over time.

When I saw the great reviews of these button-downs by Open Edit, I knew I had to try them to see if they could get me out of this endless loop. Not only are they made from the lightest, most crispy 100% cotton fabric, but the cut is also, dare I say, perfect. The sleeves are long and wide enough to create an enviable cuff and the shape is oversized enough to feel comfortable yet still be flattering. I ordered a size small and had more than enough room to move around without feeling constricted at all. Maybe the best part is that they’re currently on sale and will cost you under $40, the worst part is they’ll probably be sold out soon.

Keep scrolling to shop my new favorite button-downs and see how many cool ways these shirts can be styled. Also below are the 17 best button-downs on the market right now for every occasion from the beach to a night out. 

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