The Best Drugstore Makeup for Mature Skin, Hands Down

“I think that no matter our age, finding a great bargain is a rather unforgettable experience,” she explains in the video and later reiterated to me over the phone. “In fact, I have a hunch most people can easily think of their best-ever bargain buys. I just happen to be wearing a bargain I found while holiday shopping last December. This could be a bathing-suit cover-up, but I like to wear it as a summer duster. It was on sale at H&M for $3.”

Despite my mom’s love for affordably priced makeup, she never wants to sacrifice an expensive-looking, upscale result, and she’s shared with me that many of her older clients are wary of cheaper drugstore formulas, assuming they’ll end up looking “cheap” or “tacky.” 

“Those of us over 50 can look expensive wearing makeup that doesn’t break the bank. I’m a professional, working makeup artist who specializes in—and is passionate about—helping those of us who are 50-plus look like the very best version of ourselves,” she emphasizes. Intrigued to see which products she prioritizes at retailers like Ulta, Amazon, Target, and Walgreens? Keep scrolling! Some of the best drugstore makeup products for mature skin are just ahead. 

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