The Best Madewell Items, According to a Chic Mom

I love chatting about shopping with my mom. In fact, we’ll often send links back and forth of items we’re both loving. One of her favorite stores happens to be Madewell, and she recently sent me her shopping list of summer items she’s particularly into. Oh, and fun fact, my mom happens to be 62 years old. While age clearly has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, I’m always interested in her picks given her more experienced point of view. On that note, I was very into everything on her Madewell list. Each item fit within her “classic with a twist” vibe.

That said, there were five standout items that I said should be front-runners for her when she does in fact add a few fresh pieces to her offering. Below, you’ll uncover the five in question (the first five in the list). I also included a range of other chic pieces from Madewell that I think you (and my mom) will love for the season.  

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