the Kent of Inglewood Beard Sha

the Kent of Inglewood Beard Sha


In 2020, I grew my first beard. Like many folks, hiding away in my home for months meant I could try a new look without anyone seeing the horrific early stages of patchy beard growth. A couple of months later, I was thrilled with the results and now had the confidence to grow a beard every winter!

I was elated to finally be able to try out all of our fantastic beard-care products on something other than my moustache and judge them for myself. However, the part of this experience I was most excited about was attempting my own beard trim. There’s nothing better than a well-sculpted beard, and as a hobbyist who loves a good project, I wanted the pride of knowing I had done it myself.

One of the vital parts of beard maintenance, especially in the early stages, is having clean lines on the edge of your beard. Clean edges make your facial hair look intentional rather than accidental. When you first grow a beard, especially if it’s patchy like mine, these lines create the illusion of a fuller beard, which is vital for my morale in the first month or two.

But how do you know where to trim? What kind of shape do you create? It can be daunting to cut your own beard, especially one as hard-earned as mine, and at this point, many folks understandably quit and go see the barber. We saw the need to solace this issue and put power back into the hands of the bearded many, so we developed a handy tool that allows anyone to get perfect lines in their beard: the Kent of Inglewood Beard Shaper!

The Kent of Inglewood Beard Shaper is part of a complete beard trim!

The Best Tool for Shaping Your Beard

We designed the beard shaper to make it quick and easy to get perfect lines on your beard without the guesswork. I was skeptical of how useful it would be, but after trying it a few times, I don’t want to trim my heard without one! The best analogy I can think of is painter’s tape. You put the tape where you want a clean line, so you don’t have to rely on your skill or hope you have a steady hand. It has a curved side which gives you a softer, more old-fashioned look to your cheek lines and a straight edge for a more modern look. It also has a comb cut into it!

How to Get Perfect Lines on Your Beard

So how does it work? First, decide whether you want a straight or curved line on your cheeks. Align that side of the guide with the edge of your beard, where your hair growth starts to thin out. Paint your shaving cream on with your brush, overlapping the guide. Then, simply shave with your safety razor, running the blade perpendicular to the beard shaper’s edge. Pull the guide away, and admire your handy work! I like to use some clear Kent of Inglewood preshave for the second pass to see where I’m working and skirt right up along my newly created edge to get an ultra-close shave.

Perfect lines with no guesswork!

I tend to shave a straight line right across my neck for the neck. Many guys create a curve in the shape of a smile, but I find it adds a lot of visual weight to my neck, and I don’t personally find it flattering. To get that crisp line, I put the curved edge of the shape against my neck, about two fingers’ width above my adam’s apple. I let the shaper set a horizontal straight line and repeat the process above. Now you should have a super tidy-looking beard!

If you need to take some actual length off your beard, make sure you have a good pair of scissors and a beard bib to catch all of the hairs you shed. Give your beard a thorough brushing with the comb side of the shape, first fluffing it out, then combing it in the natural direction of its growth. Try to identify any cowlicks, overly long sections, and unruly areas you can focus on when trimming. By combing your hair down before the trim, you’ll ensure you only remove the strays and don’t thin your beard excessively. Once you’re finished, give it another good brushing to knock loose and remaining hair. Don’t forget to clean up the sink!

Don’t be that guy. Use beard bib when you trim!

If you’re eager to trim your beard, we have a carefully curated selection of clippers, trimmers, and other essential tools for keeping your beard tidy. If you need more advice, check out our beard care articles. And if you’re still afraid of trimming it yourself, you can book into our barbershop in Calgary! Happy bearding.

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