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How To Manifest Endless Romance, Unconditional Love and True Happiness in Your Life… Guaranteed

Let Two of the Most Influential Law of Attraction Gurus Guide You Through a Step-by-Step Blueprint for Finding, Nurturing and Developing the Best Relationship of Your Life Today

From the desk of Joe Vitale
Wimberley, Texas

Do you feel incomplete?

Do you imagine that your life could be better – but you are missing something in your life?

Are you at that point in your life that you are ready to give up on finding that one person whom you can share your life forever?

Have you thought of how it would feel to have someone who will accept and complement everything that you are – everything that you have to offer to someone who you are truly in love with?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or if you have doubted for one moment that it is actually possible to attract the love of your life so you can become truly happy, we would like you to read this personal letter from us – because this letter can literally help save you from a lifetime of sadness, anxiety and loneliness

FACT # 1: You can attract your soulmate today – you just need the key that will strengthen your connection with the bountiful Universe

The reality that we are all in has been possible thanks to one universal law – and that is the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction, like other natural laws in the Universe works regardless of what you may think of it.

So if a person doesn’t believe in a law like gravity, things will still fall to the ground. The law of attraction, like gravity, works in the same way: it attracts your innermost desires easily and effortlessly.

But like other natural laws in the Universe, the law of attraction will only work if the right variables are present. Because the law of attraction can attract both negative things and positive things into a person’s life.

The law of attraction cannot choose what to attract into your life any more than the law of gravity can choose which things to pull to the ground through the force of gravity. You are responsible for attracting things that will make you happy, satisfied and abundant. The law of attraction is simply a mechanism that will make sure that everything that you desire will fall into place in time.


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FACT # 2: Thousands of people have already put the law of attraction into motion in their lives, allowing them to manifest their desires and needs – whatever these may be.  

People have a natural affinity for the law of attraction because it strikes so many subconscious chords in one’s life. As children, we were unrestricted by people around us – we can manifest the things that we wanted and we were generally happier than 99% of the population because we knew that getting what we wanted was easy and effortless.

But somewhere along the way, we somehow forgot that we are in charge of this gigantic ship called life. We began letting go of the reins that have allowed us to take full control of what we are attracting… even satisfying personal relationships.

Imagine being able to hold the power to actively manifest the ideal relationship that you have only dreamed about in the past

At the core of the law of attraction is the truth that every human being has a direct connection with the Universe

It may sound a little strange at first, but we want you to imagine a silver cord that directly connects you with the Universe itself.

Yes, the Universe (or the cosmos) – that big, unending bounty that we can only fathom. From now on, hold on tightly to this silvery connection, because it will remind you that every thought and emotion has a direct impact on your life.

The Universe is where all the good stuff comes from and yes the Universe is also responsible for reflecting our thoughts and emotions back to us.

It is able to do this through the law of attraction – the law of attraction is the enabling force that allows the Universe itself to give us what we think about the most.

Each person is sending out a unique frequency or vibration to the Universe. The Universe responds by reflecting these vibrations back – in the form of your reality, no one else’s.  

So everything that you have right now was only possible because you actively created these things. Your state of mind, your mood, your emotions and thoughts, all of these things allow you to consciously create every aspect of your existence – even your social life and your love life.

Only through the Law of Attraction would you be able to find the perfect, ideal partner in your life…  

Because the law of attraction is literally working in every aspect of your life – it always has been.  

Finding one’s soulmate can seem like a tough challenge – but it doesn’t have to be at all!

Let us let you in on one little secret: You have to start sending out the right frequency to the Universe so you can finally meet your soulmate.

Your soulmate is actually waiting for you right now, somewhere, and all you need to do is to create the connection to him/her.

The biggest mistake that anyone can make when it comes to finding the ideal partner is forgetting about the self in the process. The law of attraction will not work for you if you continue to ignore what your mind and heart are both telling you.

You cannot find your soulmate simply through luck or impulse – and usually, people who place too much faith on luck end up getting disappointed over and over again.

That’s why a lot of people spend their lives going through one bad relationship to another, because there is no direction and they keep attracting the wrong kinds of people into their lives.

The law of attraction will give you what you ask the Universe – and subconsciously, you may have been asking for the wrong type of relationship or the wrong kind of person.

Now let us ask you again:

When was the last time that you really thought about the kind of relationship that would sustain you through good times and the bad times?

When was the last time that you allowed yourself to become happy by attracting the right people into your life?

And when was the last time that you made personal happiness your number one goal in life?

Too often we think of love or relationships as a one-way street. We give and give in the hopes that the other person would do the same and we would eventually become happy, too.

A genuine relationship with your soulmate will have no such problems. Because if you find your soulmate, you will instantly attract that one person who can complement and support you for everything that you are, without doubt, anxiety or hesitation.

We’re not saying that you would be in a completely care-free relationship. We’re not saying that you will find a person that you won’t argue with at all, but we are saying that you have absolute power over the kind of relationship and person that you would spend your life with.

You don’t have to guess anymore.

You don’t have to ‘experiment’ with different relationships anymore – because you can now find that one person who will give you happiness and unconditional happiness in a genuine and caring relationship.

Finally finding the love of your life

Having the confidence to start a new, exciting and meaningful relationship  

Communicating at a much deeper level with your ideal partner

Bringing together the right variables to manifest the relationship of your dreams

Opening your heart and mind to the limitless possibilities after you have found your ideal partner in life

Having a renewed faith in the world because you have finally found a way to directly communicate to the Universe exactly what you want

But wait one second – what exactly is the Law of Attraction anyway, and why should anyone care about it?

The law of attraction is one of the oldest natural laws in the Universe. It is the law that allows even the smallest particles in the Universe to attract each other. It is also the biggest, invisible force working in your life right now.

Many people don’t realize that from the very beginning, they have been attracting everything that is in their life right now.

And we do mean EVERYTHING – even your favorite pair of running shoes, you attracted that into your life.

We grew up believing in Lady Luck and many other things, but sadly, we have not been taught that we actually attract things into our lives.

We are all conscious creators.

We are conscious creators. You are a conscious creator. We all have the same equal power to attract what we want through the law of attraction.

But as we have mentioned earlier, it’s not that simple. The law of attraction, like all natural laws, is an impersonal law. It won’t judge what you are trying to attract – it will just make sure that what you are trying to attract is reflected back to you, no questions asked.

The law of attraction is an extremely efficient mirror that reflects thoughts and emotions back to its source

Think of yourself as a transmitter tower, sending out messages and frequencies to the Universe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may not feel right now that you are communicating something to the Universe, but you are. And the contents of your emotions and thoughts are directly transmitted or communicated to the Universe.

The Universe hears our smallest murmurs and our biggest desires. And depending on the intensity of the desire, the Universe re-arranges variables in our physical reality so that we can consciously create and receive what we desire the most.

But There’s a Big Catch…

The law of attraction is so efficient that it can attract both positive things and negative things into your life. And since the law of attraction can reflect not only our actions but also our thoughts and emotions, any negativity that we still have within us can also be reflected back to our actual realities.

Make no mistake: thoughts and emotions are not just electrical signals and chemical signals running back and forth through your brain matter and nervous system.

Your thoughts and emotions are actually the very stuff needed for conscious creation. These things are like the hyper-charged batteries needed by your own transmitter tower. Without your thoughts and emotions, there would be nothing to transmit to the Universe. There would be no motivation, no needs and no desires.

Can anyone really say that they don’t have secret dreams and desires?

Of course not! It is in our nature to want things.

This strong natural drive to want thing is tied with our instinct to survive.

We want to survive and grow, which is why we want things that we think is good for us. Deep down, every person has an internal guidance system that tells him what to want and want to strive for.

The Universe is eternally bountiful – it never runs out of resources.

That’s why it is so important for you to master the law of attraction when you want to attract your soulmate. Your soulmate is that one person who will always support you in your endeavors.

He/she will be the person who will grow with you and learn with you along the way.

He/she will be the perfect partner as you accomplish your goals in life and fulfill your dreams. And as you attract your soulmate, you too are being attracted by your perfect match!

“I’ve wanted a soulmate all my life…

Why is my ideal relationship taking so long to manifest?”

The Top Ten Reasons
Why Your Soulmate Has Not Arrived Yet

There are many reasons why your soulmate has not arrived yet. Here are just some of the top, common reasons:

Reason # 1: You may have not paid full attention to your genuine desire to attract a soulmate and develop a meaningful relationship with your ideal partner.

Reason # 2: You may have been attracting the wrong kind of person all this time.

Reason # 3: You may have been unconsciously attracting the wrong kind of relationship – and this in turn attracts undesirable people into your life.

Reason # 4: Unconsciously, you may still be holding on to unnecessary negative emotions and thoughts – this negative ‘baggage’ can prevent you from letting the right people into your life because you will only be focusing on the negative because there is a cyclical thought pattern that determines the way you communicate and establish relationships with other people.

Reason # 5: You may not be entirely sure what you want to get in your ideal relationship – this is a sign that you have not taken the time to know yourself better and because of this big gap in your self-knowledge, you are unable to attract the kind of relationship that would make you happy.

Reason # 6: Deep down, you may feel that you don’t deserve to have a soul mate. This is simply not true! There are 7 billion people on this planet and we are quite certain that there is someone who will be perfect for you and you deserve to have that person in your life today because you are entitled to as much freedom and happiness as everyone else.

Reason # 7: You may have not forgiven yourself entirely for past mistakes – and this state is having a large impact on your life right now, not just in your relationships.

Reason # 8: There is an internal imbalance in your life and you have neglected that part of your life that has to do with building meaningful relationships with other people. Your subconscious mind and conscious mind are always working together to create balance in your life, even if these two components of your mind are radically different from each other. Listen to your dreams as much as you listen to your logical thinking and you will be surprised to learn that there is a lot more to do in your life than just your career or whatever you are preoccupied with most of the time.

Reason # 9: Your desire to have a meaningful relationship with your soulmate or ideal partner is being negated by people around you – because let’s face it, not everyone is supportive of all our goals and desires. And once the negativity from these individual set in, our own thoughts and emotions can be affected to such an extent that we begin thinking the way negative people think. The result? We attract negativity instead of positivity in our lives.

Reason # 10: You might ‘know’ what you want but your thoughts and emotions are attracting the opposite because of the way you frame reality. For example, instead of thinking that you want something, you keep on thinking of what you don’t want.

Fact # 4: Each one of the common reasons why people have a hard time in finding their soulmates has an intimate association with the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is always at work – even as you sleep.

The law of attraction is absolutely essential if you want to manifest any kind of ideal relationship. The process involved is completely different from what many people believe. Law of attraction is not just about positive thoughts. Affirmative thoughts are just one small part of the larger whole – and if you want the key that will fully unlock your potential as a conscious creator, you need all of the tools needed to make full use of the law of attraction.

And that’s where we come in.

We, Joe Vitale & Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. have dedicated our life’s work to helping people achieve the seemingly impossible through the law of attraction and hypnotherapy. Combined, we have over forty years of experience in helping people achieve their goals and dreams in life – and this time, it’s your turn to achieve your own desires when it comes to personal relationships.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the brainchild of the Law of Attraction and hypnosis:

The Soulmate Attractor is a comprehensive and action-packed program that takes you to the very heart of attraction and genuine personal relationships. This program combines our special areas of expertise so you will get the absolute best out of both worlds – the world of the Law of Attraction and the law of hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

Thousands of people have witnessed the mighty power of the Law of Attraction and for decades, clinical hypnotherapy has been in use to address a variety of personal issues from relationship problems to issues in self-confidence. You now have an exclusive chance to benefit from both worlds as you embark on an enlightening voyage toward self-discovery, conscious creation/attraction and hypnotherapy.

The Soulmate Attractor has been designed in such a way to help you learn something every second of the way through the program. The entire program has been divided into sixteen action-packed audio modules that you can listen to in the comfort of your home, in the office, or elsewhere.

Anyone, and we do mean anyone , can learn how to attract their true soulmate. Some years ago, the idea that true attraction can be taught to people might sound a little strange. But that was before clinical hypnotherapy and studies in the Law of Attraction came into full bloom. We now know that the Universe, as complex as it may be, has a particular function in relation to human beings and we can tap into this function by using the law of attraction.

The Soulmate Attractor Helps You Find and Keep Your True Soulmate For Life

With the Soulmate Attractor you would be able to:

Clear your mind of the emotional baggage that is directly preventing you from finding your ideal partner and developing a meaningful relationship with your ideal partner

Help create peace and harmony within your life so that you can begin seeing the world clearly and with purpose

Help understand the true meaning of the law of attraction so you can put its principles into motion as soon as possible

Help discover the truth behind intentions and how intentions affect your life trajectory

Avoid the number one mistake that people make when they are trying to create a meaningful and satisfying personal relationship with someone.

Use creative visualization to help gain inner peace and insight as to what kind of relationship you are truly looking for.

Familiarize yourself with the various levels of thought that affect the way you think, speak and act on a daily basis.

Help improve your perspective of relationships by empowering your inner guidance system and removing limiting thoughts.

The Soulmate Attractor is packed with sixteen audio modules that you can listen to in the comfort of your home or even in the office during lunch break!

The high quality audio modules can be played on your personal computer, laptop, iPhone, iPod, Android phone and most mp3 players.

We’re glad you asked – the Soulmate Attractor makes use of two distinct disciplines to help you attract the love of your life. It doesn’t matter if you have been through so many disappointing relationships before in your life.

What matters right now is that you are finally taking the steps to correct some of the problems that are directly preventing you from having the best relationship in your life.

It also doesn’t matter if you have little or no knowledge at all of hypnosis, hypnotherapy or the Law of Attraction. That’s what we’re here for – we’re here to give you the knowledge that you would need to effectively use both of these methods to attract the love of your life.

The Soulmate Attractor was made in such a way that you will be able to learn and apply the techniques easily and hassle-free. Once you are able to apply the principle of the law of attraction, you would be able to:

Scrub your negative emotions and thoughts in your system.

Help consciously create the reality and romance that you have dreamed of for the longest time.

Let go of negative energy that may be hindering you in so many areas of your life.

Help understand the connection between your thoughts and the reality that you are consciously creating with your words, thoughts and actions.

Help discover the true meaning of conscious creation and how it has shaped your life so far.

Help uncover the role of forgiveness and love in the grand scheme of your life and how these concepts can help you move forward.

Hypnosis also plays a unique and very important role in helping you attract your soulmate. With hypnosis, you would be able to:

Utilize the pendulum technique in your decision making process.

Use visualizations whenever you want to help clear your mind of negativity and help increase your inner power and confidence to do things that you need to do in order to attract your ideal partner.

Create powerful affirmations that help re-program the way you think and behave, especially when it comes to your personal relationships

Help uncover your intentions when it comes to love and relationships.

Help clear the way to your ideal partner by improving your ability to interact with other people.

Help create a satisfying and loving relationship that would benefit both your partner and you.

Learn how to take care of yourself first so you can later take care of your ideal partner. We’ll show you how to end negative cycles that do not benefit you at all – because if a relationship provides no benefit to one party, it is not sustainable and it will not last long simply because the dynamics and the flow of energy within the relationship is imbalanced.

Utilize the wisdom of the subconscious mind when you have to make important decisions about your personal relationships.

We’ve also prepared a “sneak preview” of the Soulmate Attractor program which covers all sixteen action-packed audio modules:


Module 1 focuses on the basic coordinates of a healthy mind and healthy emotions. You will learn about how mental and emotional barriers can form over time (even without us realizing it) and how these barriers can form a wall that prevents people from forming meaningful relationships.

This module also zeroes in on the role of the law of attraction in everyday life and how the law of attraction actually reflects both positivity and negativity.

You will learn about positive and negative frequencies/vibrations and how you are actually sending out these vibrations to the Universe. You will also learn about the relationship of good and bad intentions and how these play a dynamic relationship with your actions and core beliefs.

 All of these things come together to determine a person’s course of action and over time, if you have a lot of negative baggage in your mind and heart, these will affect your ability to have good relationships now and in the future.

Module 1 also covers the vital function of affirmative thinking, which is one of the foundations of soulmate attraction. Affirmative thinking gives way to positivity and also allows you to throw open doors and windows for miracles to manifest in your life.


Hypnosis is a state of hyper-awareness. Everything about hypnosis is natural which makes it perfect for self-therapy. Module # 2 contains one of Joe Vitale’s most effective visualizations that can help you eliminate all the stress and emotional turmoil of the moment so you can start focusing on the things that truly matter.

This module also starts your own journey into the law of attraction through self-hypnosis and visualization. Positive, forward-thinking is also encouraged as you go through the steps in visualizing your life with your ideal partner.

Throughout the audio session, you will become completely relaxed and you will feel for the first time that you can completely let go of all the stress and the worries in your life.


Each person has an inner child that needs to be acknowledged and integrated with the rest of one’s life. This inner child is actually your subconscious mind which comprises half of your total consciousness.

If you alienate your inner child you actually alienate half of who you truly are. Module # 3, Inner Child Meditation focuses on the idea of communicating with one’s inner child so that you will begin to receive guidance from your own inner child. Don’t underestimate your inner child, because your inner child can actually help emancipate you from limiting thoughts and emotions.

Your own inner child is there to help you manifest your deepest desires. You just have to start accepting, acknowledging and communicating with your own inner child. Let Joe Vitale lead the way to your inner child in Module # 3.


Module # 4 introduces of one of the advanced manifestation techniques of Neville Goddard, who is widely attributed as one of the core thinkers of the law of attraction.

Joe Vitale uses Neville Goddard’s own technique and applies it to the problem of finding one’s ideal partner.

The advanced manifestation technique covered in this module allows a person to experience the conditions of the desire instead of just inviting the person to imagine what he wants. Goddard’s techniques are advanced and these methods are unique and powerful in their own right.


Forgiveness is one of the cornerstones of the law of attraction because it has the power to help purge one’s thoughts of negativity almost instantly. It doesn’t matter if you have been carrying around anger and bitterness toward something or someone for years.

Joe Vitale presents a unique way of utilizing the process of forgiveness so you become renewed and you become ready to accept miracles in your life. Joe Vitale will also teach you how to adapt a non-judgmental perspective when viewing the world because this will allow you to protect yourself from negativity.

In this module, you will also discover how to take control of your mind – something that very few people have achieved in their own lives. Once you achieve this heightened state of control in your life, you will see a big difference in how you create relationships with other people.


Right next to forgiveness is gratitude. Gratitude is another cornerstone of the practice of the law of attraction. Gratitude changes everything about a person because it allows a person to receive as much as ask from the Universe.

When a person is grateful for something, he/she automatically changes the frequencies of his thoughts and emotions from the negative to the positive. Because you can never be in the negative if you practice gratitude in your life.

Joe Vitale helps you shift any negative frequencies to positive frequencies so you can easily attract your ideal partner and you can also begin attract the right circumstances that will allow you to begin a good relationship with an ideal partner.

Remember, the law of attraction does reflect back positive vibrations however, it should be noted that in order for something to appear in physical reality, the correct circumstances should manifest first.

Without the right circumstances, some desires will take longer to manifest. But the good news is with the gratitude meditation all the other meditations used in the Soulmate Attractor, you will be able constantly attract the right circumstances and desired outcome all at once.


Healing is such a central concept both in hypnotherapy, creative visualization and the law of attraction. In Module # 7: Zero Limits Healing, Joe Vitale introduces his own form of internal healing.

Internal healing begins to take place when a person acknowledges that he indeed has negative thought patterns and negative emotional cycles. Acknowledgement/recognition is always the first step in reforming/reprogramming one’s own thoughts and emotions.

In this module, Joe Vitale also introduces the idea of avoiding unconscious self-sabotage. Self-sabotage happens when a person lingers on negative thoughts and emotions and when you are trying to manifest and attract something in your life, you cannot afford to engage in self-sabotaging behavior and thinking anymore.

You need to get out of any negative cycle because even negativity from your work can spill into your personal life and personal relationships. Any negativity in your life can have a large impact on the rest of your life.

In this module, Joe also helps us accept past mistakes by using a simple meditation has been used extensively in the past in his other self-development coaching programs.

Joe also points out the vital role of the subconscious mind in our decision-making process and teaches us how to utilize the subconscious to arrive at better decisions and more positive thoughts and emotions.


In this module, we are introduced to two kinds of future-based thinking: the “what if” down thinking and “what if” up thinking.

Joe Vitale outlines the vital differences between the two and he also shows us why we should always stick to “what if” up thinking if we want to keep our thoughts and emotions positive and productive. Joe also explains the actual impact of what if down thinking and what if up thinking to our energy levels, emotions, etc.

Another great thing about this module is that we also learn about habits and Joe Vitale actually teaches us how to identify counter-productive or negative habits so we can reprogram our minds so that we start practicing positive habits instead.

As we are able to reprogram ourselves, Joe Vitale also shows us a way to change ourselves so that we become attractive to our ideal partner. This is so important if you want to attract someone – you have to be attractive, too, because that is part of the entire process and you have to be that someone whom your ideal partner can love unconditionally. And for that to happen, you need to show your partner traits and characteristics that are truly attractive.

Module # 9 marks Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.’ debut into the Soulmate Attractor program. In Steve’s first audio module, he talks about the importance of intentions and how intentions relate to the actual outcomes that we want in life. Without intentions, outcomes rarely come out the way we want them to be.

So you have to keep in mind that if you truly want something to manifest in your life, you need to have a positive intention backing up the actual desire. And as you build your intention and motivation, you come closer to the manifestation of the actual desire.

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. talks about the role of intention in pushing your personal boundaries when you really want something to happen or manifest in your life. He also points out the basic difference between having a positive intention before doing something and what happens when you simply stick to an existing habit or cyclical pattern in your life.


Module # 10 presents an exciting and effective way to improve your decision-making process through the Pendulum Technique. The pendulum has a critical role in bringing to the fore any internal resistance or anxieties when a person has to make an important decision.

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. has used the same technique when he was a teenager and he attests to the fact that this technique does work if you need to re-evaluate a decision that you have to make.

In this module, Steve will teach you how to make your own pendulum at home and how to use the pendulum any time when you need to make a crucial decision. Steve also reveals the surprising link between the pendulum and your subconscious thinking.


In Module # 11, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. goes into an extensive and insightful foray into the process of self-hypnosis and he explains how self-hypnosis works and how it can help you attract the ideal partner.

He explores the steps of a regular hypnotherapy session form induction to amnesia and presents the steps in such a manner that will help you understand exactly why you have to undergo a specific step in the process. Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. also points out the difference between hypnotherapy scripts written by others and hypnotherapy scripts written by you and how the essential difference between these two kinds of scripts can affect your success rate.


With Module # 12: Conversational Hypnosis, we learn how we can actually use the principles of hypnosis to help to instantly create a strong connection with people. It is possible to forge a strong bond and connection between you and another person without going through the longer hit-and-miss process that is common with regular, run-the-mill social interactions.

We are able to avoid this long and tedious process by making use of conversational hypnosis. In this module, Steve talks about important hypnosis techniques like rapport and mirroring which are also used in NLP or neuro linguistic programming.


Human communication actually has two major components: the verbal component and the physical/expressive component or body language. A staggering seventy percent of what we want to convey is actually conveyed through body language and not through verbal language.

So if you want to attract your soulmate, you need to make sure that you are sending out the right signals through your own body language. In this module, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. sheds light on the various ways that you can exude attractiveness and confidence when you are interacting with a potential, ideal partner.

He will also reveal to you what signals to avoid sending through body language if you don’t want to put yourself in a position that is not advantageous to attracting your soulmate.


Usually the biggest problem when you are starting out in a new relationship is gathering enough confidence to handle the other person and the relationship itself.

 When you have problems gathering enough confidence, you are going to experience some difficulty in pursuing some activities with the person that you want to have a relationship with. Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. helps remedy the problem by teaching anchoring techniques.

Anchoring is a classical and foundational method in hypnosis and it allows you to create mental markers that will allow you to become confident instantly. That gives you immense control over your own confidence level no matter what the situation may be.


As we have mentioned earlier, you cannot consciously create something in your life if you don’t know exactly what you want. In Module # 15, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. helps you decide what you want in your ideal relationship by helping you envision your life with your ideal partner.

This effective audio module leads you through the various phases of self-hypnosis so you can visualize your ideal life with your ideal partner. This powerful process can truly ignite your desire and motivation when it comes to developing a genuine relationship with your ideal partner.


In the final audio module, Steve and Joe will help you completely reprogram yourself so that you will have clear goals and objectives and you will begin to implement the needed steps to attract your soulmate for life. This module contains a longer visualization script and carefully thought out instructions as to how you can use the visualization script to attain the various desired outcomes.

Yes Steve and Joe, I want to attract my true soulmate for life and create a genuine and loving relationship with my soulmate!

This unique and insightful program is available for instant download through Clickbank. After your purchase you would be able to immediately download all of the high-quality audio modules that you can play on your PC, laptop or multimedia player.

We want you to benefit from the Soulmate Attractor and we are confident that our program will help you find the ideal partner that you have waiting for.

So here’s our promise to you:

Try the program now and if you are not satisfied with it, just tell us within 60 days of purchase and we will give back every cent, no questions asked.

It’s that easy – we are taking the risk here and you can even keep the product as a sign of good will from us.

You risk nothing because we have removed the risk by taking the risk ourselves.

What do you have to lose anymore? Absolutely none. You have everything to gain now and your ideal partner may be waiting for you!

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EULA carefully before completing your purchase. By completing your purchase, you agree that you have read the EULA and agree to be bound by its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of the EULA DO NOT complete your purchase.

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

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