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Learn the secret techniques of the Martial Arts

The Greatest Collection of
Martial Arts Knowledge Ever Assembled

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In the past 5 years I continued to write new
book and now the total is up to 32.  I also added 10 more
great books that are important and public domain, making
the total of complete books on this CD 42. So you get all 42
Books and 6 hours of video in this collection. In
this one collection you will find 42 COMPLETE BOOKS and 6

You also get a

A Complete Bruce Lee Movie.

The Chinese

Whether you are just starting our on
your journey or you are already an accomplished martial
artist, The Ultimate
Martial Arts Library contains the most awesome combination of
streetwise, practical and secret techniques every

Just look at the incredible information you will learn
as you hone your martial arts skills into a fighting machine
ready to defend yourself and family!

Book #1 The 101
Deadliest Karate MovesBy Dr. Ted
GambordellaThis book is a practical text for the
serious martial arts student or teacher. We do not suggest
that any of the techniques found in this book be used in the
street against another man, unless, of course your life is in
immediate danger…. Then the PUNK deserves every deadly move
I’m going to share with you so you can protect yourself or
your family!You’ll learn how to fight to the death
utilizing the 100 most lethal kicks, shutos and blows known to
the world’s greatest karate masters. More than 100 dramatic
photos cover snap kicks, heel kicks, vital points of the head
and chest, shutos, palm heels, ridge hands and street fighting
with karate.

If you study this
book and practice the techniques until you are a master of
them, you can become one of the most deadly men or women in
the world and FEAR NO MAN every again!Book #2 Fight For Your Life -The Secrets of Street
FightingThis practical book concerns
just what the title implies, learning the secret art of
fighting in the street, winning at all costs and under any
circumstances TO SAVE YOU LIFE! One of the biggest criticisms
of martial arts in America is that it does not work in the
street, and I am sure that you have all heard of a supposed
Black Belt who got the hell beat out of him by some streetwise
hoodlum. The simple reason for this result is that the hood
has been trained in the art of dirty fighting and has no
Christian or social morals to constrain him from killing or
crippling you. Also, he usually has the great advantage of
starting the fight. This book can change all that
for you!Now
you can win in the streets, because the secret techniques that
I am showing are effective, simple, and require no great
physical strength; and while they will definitely stop
the attacker, they are not meant to kill him. If you will
practice a few simple kicks, stay flexible, and train daily
until the moves presented herein are second nature, then
should the time ever come when some poor fool attacks you in
the street, the surprise will be on him. He will find himself
waking up in the hospital, or worse.

Book #3 Seven Days To Self

Each year literally
thousands of young women are attacked in the streets of our
country. Some are mugged, some beaten, some raped, and some
killed. Almost all of these women have one thing in common,
they do not know how to defend themselves. Perhaps with some
small self-defense training some of these women would not be
helplessly attacked and thus would not be raped or killed.
Certainly all of them would stand a better chance if they knew
some effective, yet simple, techniques to defend against an
attack and this book is not just for women in today’s world…
anyone can be a victim!This book breaks down into
seven easy to follow and understand lessons the basic
self-defense techniques that I have found to be most effective
in my twenty years of teaching such a course to women across
this country. One lesson a day, one step at a time, within a
week you should be able to defend yourself if you just find
some techniques in the book that you are comfortable with and
that you could and would execute in an actual
emergency. Most other books on self-defense just
give you innumerable situations, escapes, and techniques, most
of which are too lengthy and complicated to work in an actual
attack situation. The
techniques found in this book WILL WORK. They will stop an
attacker, regardless of size. If you stick a pen into
the eyes of an assailant, he is going to stop right there and
scream and fall on the ground. He is not going to get mad and
hurt you worse. He is disabled, and most of the techniques
found in this book are disabling techniques that seriously
injure the attacker and prevent further attack. For rape and
assault are serious and despicable crimes that should be dealt
with in the most forceful and effective manner possible

Books #4-10 The
Complete Book of Karate Weapons

Finally a manual on weapons any student or a teacher would
be proud to own for years to come and can refer to whenever
they have a question on weapons or want a new technique. And
learn how to do it right with the only comprehensive book on
karate weapons ever published! Shown are the proper usage and
katas for seven lethal karate weapons: 

If you will read theses books with an open mind and follow
the techniques and exercises described you can make yourself one of
the few experts with weapons in the world
today.Books #11
Weapons of the Street and How to Beat
Them!This book is a comprehensive training
manual for people and students who may find that they have to
defend themselves in the street from attack by those who may
have such weapons as knives, bats, clubs, broken bottles,
chains, or all of the above. No matter what they throw at
you this manual will provide a defense and counter so you can
escape injury and put the hurt on those who would do you
harm!Book #12 The Secrets of
KI, the end of injury Every year
thousands of athletes fall down and break or tear a part of
their body. Every year thousands of athletes get hit in the
ribs or abdomen and break bones or injure internal organs.
Every day someone makes a mistake while playing and finds
himself injured perhaps permanently because no one ever told
him how to PREVENT ATHLETIC INJURIES. This book does just
that, shows easy to follow proven techniques for the
prevention of athletic injuries. Of course this book will not
make you a Superman or prevent all injuries. What it will do
is to provide you with alternatives. Now you can at least have
a chance to roll instead of break, to stretch instead of tear,
and to absorb instead of crush your body from most aspects of
your sport that can cause injury.If you will study
this book with an open mind, begin to practice the techniques
and the value of the techniques found in it. Your ability to
concentrate will greatly improve, your skills will sharpen and
your mind will become stronger. You will have a much greater
ability to withstand blows and hits that would injure most
people, and you will improve your performance by the use of
balance points, concentration and mind control.

12 books for the price of one!

book 1: Tonfa Tactics This is one of the most comprehensive
books ever written on the Tonfa. This books shows it all.
Blocks, Strikes, Attacks, Counters. With a special section of
Street Techniques. The Tonfa is carried by most of the police
in America, but they do not KNOW all the techniques found in
this title. Dr. Gambordella goes into great detail on
exactally how to use the tonfa in the most effective way. He
show defenses against nunchaku, bo and staff. As well as
multiple attackers. A must have for any student of

BONUS BOOK 2: How to Develop a
Perfect Body

For years I have seen Martial Arts
Master Teachers who look like they just left a donut eating
contest and won it for the 50th time in a row. Fat out of
shape disgusting. These people might know how to kick and
punch, but they are out of shape and not a credit to the
fitness of the martial arts. This book will show you
simple 30 minutes exercise programs designed to keep you
looking great. Specific exercises for each body part.
It even includes diet information.Sections include exercises
for men and women

BONUS BOOK 4: OMA. Obsessive
Mental Attitude

OMA. What is the mental secrets of
the martial arts? How do martial artists do their incredible
mental feats, such as meditating under freezing waterfalls,
standing still for hours, breaking bricks, bending knives? How
to they avoid fear and terror? How do they concentrate for
hours and hours without getting tired or frustrated? How do
they use their minds to control their bodies. Dr.
Gambordellas reveals for the first time the incredible power
of the mind. Using his techniques of OMA. You will be able to
achieve all your goals and desires without hestitating.
Image the power you will have when you are able to use
all your mental ability 24/7 to achieve a specific goal or
desire. This book is a must read for anyone who want to
harness the power of their minds for use in the martial arts
or even the business world.

BONUS VIDEO 1: Mastering the
Nunchaku: Everything you need to know to Master the
Nunchaku. Step by step video instructions. So many people want
to know how to use the nunchaku correctly but they can’t find
a teacher who know or who is willing to teach them. If you
train yourself, you risk the possibility of serious injury,
even death. You can learn so much more from a “weapons master”
who takes the time to show you how to do the nunchaku right
the first time. You will learn swings, blocks, stances, even
defenses from the bo and from the nunchaku if you are
disarmed. This is the only tape you need to
watch to learn to master the nunchaku.

BONUS VIDEO 2: Secrets of the Martial

You won’t believe the amount of
information packed into this video. Never before secrets
revealed. Secrets that will amaze and astound everyone.
You will learn :


This book is a must have to help you keep track of the
amazing 30+ secrets in your video.

This book is invaluable for use when watching the video.
Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters.

This is one of the finest
fitness books ever written. THE AMAZING SECRETS OF MARTIAL

DR. TED shares the secret fitness routines of the
martial arts Masters

This book is a must have to help you keep looking good, and
feeling great at 30, 40 , 50 and beyond..

You will get this book FREE .

And there’s even more This is the first Childrens
Self Defense book written by Children For Children, and done
by Children who are NOT BLACK BELTS..

The problem with most childresn self defense books is
that the children all KNOW KARATE, and most are black

You kid can’t do the techniques these kids and do, because
they AREN’T BLACK BELT.Your kid can do these techniques
and they WORK.

This is my first book on
One Steps, part of a series I am doing, and takes you thru
dozens and dozens of one steps, from white to green belt…

It is the first book on one steps I know that shows
yhou techniques you can do and remember during a

The biggest problem I have found with learning one steps is
that they get so complicated, so fast, that the students minds
often go blank immediately, and then just stand there trying
to remember even a few one steps. Using the techniques is this
book, they will always be able to remember AND DO dozens of
one steps for the rest of their lives.

This is a book for people
who want to WIN FIGHTS not be in fights. I have been in dozens
and dozens of street fights, and 99 of them I got over in just
a few seconds, with devastating punches and kicks.

If you want to Start and Win a fight…this book is
for you. If you want to get into a long drawn out, punch
exchanging, rolling on the ground, drawn out fight….this
book is not for you

Its very simple. If you start a fight using the techniques
in this book. THE FIGHT WILL BE OVER. and you will be the
winner.You simply can’t afford not to have this book if
you need to win fights in the street.

This is one of the finest
book on Wrist Locks ever written. It shows the basic and
advanced wrist locks, and only wrist locks. There are no
punches, kicks, or throws. Only wrist locks.

Wrist locks are one of the most powerful and
effective means of control in the martial arts, and you will
learn them all in this book

You will learn to practice without getting hurt, to control
anyone of any size for as long as you want.Wrist locks
works and this book will show you dozens of wrist locks you
can do anytime, anywhere to control any situtation.

This is your ultimate
source for a book on REAL JIU-JITSU. I have been studying
Jiu-Jitsu for 36 years, and I know all the Secrets. There are
no phony moves in this book, only stuff that ACTUALLY WORKS
and you can use in the street..

You will learn everything you need to know, from throws, to
wrist locks, to joint locks, to chokes.

Jiu-Jitsu works and this book will show you over 100
techniques you can do anytime, anywhere win any fight.

This is a Great book on
the CANE, one of the most effective martial arts weapons you
can carry. WHY? Because it is Legal, it works, it doesn’t
require a lot of strength, speed of expert co ordination. I
have been studying Jiu-Jitsu for 36 years, and I love the
CANE. There are dozens and dozens of REAL MOVES in this book.
Moves you can use on the street to protect yourself and your phony moves in this book, only stuff that ACTUALLY

The CANE is the best weapon for you to learn because
IT IS LEGAL TO CARRY. If you only learn one Weapon in the
martial arts LEARN THE CANE.

You will learn everything you need to know blocks, attacks,
defenses, chokes, throws, hold downs, even moves for Children

The CANE works and you will absolutely love this book on
the CANE.

This is a little book I
wrote several years ago, just for fun and to show some of the
“dirtiest karate moves” I knew. You will see, “face tears”,
“ear bites”, “groin destroyers”, “back breakers” and much much

I also have a few pages with a guy that looks just like
“Rambo” doing some “special moves” to a bodybuilder. It is a
fun book, you will enjoy reading and can actually learn a lot

This is a great book for
people who want to learn and master Chokes. Chokes are a very
important part of the martial arts, and they Always Win Every
Fight, because you opponent can’t continue to fight when they
are unconscious.

I show over 20 different chokes, with the GI, and
barehanded. I also show chokes from the ground, standing up,
and on your back.This book has all you will every need to

25 Year ago I began an
intensive research into Oriental Philosophy. I studied and
summarized over 25 books and spent years writing and

Now I have finally published a book on Oriential
Philosophy. In this book you will learn about ZEN, Buddahism,
Yoga, Meditation, and Confucius.I must point out that I am
a CHRISTIAN, and wrote this book strickly for research into
Oriental Philosophy, as I feel it is important to know the
“mind” of the Orientals, as they are the source of all Martial

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Dallas, TX 75220    Phone:214-351-2234, fax

The Most Important Thing I know in the

The Most Important Thing I know in the

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it for 30 full days.

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Click here to get The Ultimate Martial Arts CD at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Ultimate Martial Arts CD is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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