These 2022 Beauty Launches Have Viral Written All Over Them

These 2022 Beauty Launches Have Viral Written All Over Them

The great thing about being a beauty editor is that I know about products before they launch. Of course, I have to keep them a secret until their launch date, but I’m always looking for patterns when I hear news of new launches—whether that’s an ingredient that keeps cropping up, a formulation that’s taking off, or a new innovation altogether. 

When 2022 first started, I had my eye out for trends. Last year, we saw tons of notable products blow up on TikTok—like the KVD Good Apple Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter, and Dior’s Backstage Rosy Glow Blush, to name a few. While it’s difficult to know what products are going to shoot to meteoric fame, I can spot the good candidates for internet virality when I see them.

I enlisted the help of my fellow beauty editors, Shawna Hudson and Erin Jahns, to sift through all of the products that we’re excited about and figure out what we think will become TikTok famous this year. Keep reading to find our predictions, and when you have the next viral product before anyone else, you can tell your friends that it’s because a beauty editor let you in on it.

Most of the products on this list are new launches, but a few are gems that we think missed their 15 minutes of fame and deserve it. 

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